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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Toomers Meet Other with Songhay DNA

West African Exhibit in Haddon Township, NJ

Less than two weeks after learning of our Songhay DNA results, I learn that a person with the same results will be in Haddon Township. Miami Herald journalist Leonard Pitts Jr. and Philadelphia Inquirer photographer Sarah Glover visited Africa and were now coming to our county to talk about it. I could not believe our luck. Floyd and I read his article online days ago.

Floyd M. Riley and Leonard Pitts Jr. at the West Africa Exhibit, held at the Camden County Cultural and Heritage Commission in Haddon Township. January 14, 2006. Their mother's DNA trace back to a present day Songhay of Niger.

View Leonard Pitts Jr.’s article on his trip to Africa Seeking a Heritage in Africa


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