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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Toomer Flea Market Photos

Berlin Farmer’s Market, Berlin, NJ

Thanks to all who used their powers to keep the rain away today. The sky spit a little, but we knew that it would not last long. The sky was still clear, with the exception of one dark cloud. As the drops dotted our merchandise we quickly gathered the books, the most perishable, and put them into my car. Before they were loaded, the one malevolent cloud passed.

Looking down the row of vendors during this mini episode, I learned one thing; we are still babies in the field of flea marketing. Here we are, rushing to get the items out of the rain, and they the regulars, did not break a sweat. They quietly used an effective technique that probably comes from the old days, when the Berlin Farmer’s Market was really an auction. This technique is probably listed in a flea market vendor manual, in the Just In Case There Is Rain chapter. They simply covered their items with cloth or plastic. After I got over feeling like an idiot; I made a mental note to add covers to my list of items to bring to the flea market next week.

Today was a cha-ching day. We nearly tripled our efforts from last week. The reason for this is that we had triple the merchandise. We have cleaned out a few homes of items that they can do without. We need more stuff. We have two more Saturdays to go, and the last weekend is not the week to donate a whole lot of stuff.

Enjoy a few photos from our lovely day.


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