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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Toomer African Ancestry and People of Sudan

What we have in common with the people of Darfur

This is a clue to the DNA test. Results show that we have something in common with the people of Darfur. You may have heard about the problems in the African country of Sudan. The US is moving to help stop the killing. More information is showing up in the news. They are chanting for us, the USA, to come and help.

I thought that I would take this opportunity to give you another clue. Are you still waiting for the clue? Well wait no more, because I already gave it to you. Oh, you need more.
Our ancestors followed the same path as the ancestors of most now being killed in Darfur. This path informs their spiritual beliefs.
Often people ask, why do we, the USA, always have to save the world.
If there is some travesty going on in the world, you can be assured that there will be CNN footage of us dropping supplies, providing troops and peace keepers, or a simple air strike to let the bad guy know, stand down.

One of the reasons that the USA involves itself with the affairs of the world is because, we are the world (we are the children:-)). We have citizens from everywhere. When something occurs in a foreign country, US citizens with a connection to this location demand action.

Another question that people often ask is why do we rush into other countries and wait to help the Africans? In addition to the obvious racial reasons there may be another reason for the slow response. In my humble opinion, a possible reason is that African Americans are disconnected from Africa. DNA testing may help us to reconnect.

Most of us do not have an African place to call home. Like Whoopi Goldberg said, while being interviewed by Bill Gates, for African American Lives, home for most of us is a place down south. But guess what Toomers, soon we will have African places to call home.

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