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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

NJ Hates Pumping Gas More Than Higher Taxes

Full Service Gas Remains the Law in New Jersey

According to the Courier Post, Corizine will not fight for self service gas stations in New Jersey. He stated that they received seven times more complaints about pumping gas than they did about raising the state tax from 6% to 7%.

See what happens when we speak. Of course our standing together on this subject does not solve world hunger, AIDS, or global warming, but it does make a statement. When we speak, occasionally we are heard, especially if many of us are saying the same thing.

You can make a difference.
Your voice counts.
Your vote counts.

Read the CourierPost Article

Boy that was a close one family. We almost had to do the unthinkable: get out of the car and pump our own gas. New Jersey without full service gas would be like Jersey without the shore, like Jersey without blueberries, like Berlin without the Auction. Make sure that you guys keep a look out. They may try to sneak this on us again, but we will be ready, right.


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