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Sunday, April 09, 2006

We Appreciate You Floyd

By Marianne Reid Cole

I wanted to write this paper just to let you know.
What a special cousin you are, thought this would be a good time to tell you so.

It is because of your hard work that we are gathered here tonight.
You’ve traveled form Georgia to North Carolina to ensure that our reunion was just right.

Your relentless effort to trace our roots are evident everywhere.
All because one concerned person took the time to care.

Men like you are indeed a rarity I wish our family had 20 more.
It certainly would ease your burden concerning reunion chores.

You put up with us every 2 years without ever complaining.
We’re constantly in and out of your house whether sunny or raining.

You accept our late checks and our last minute registrations.
It’s a wonder with all this pressure you don’t need medication.

You order our shirts, pick up trophies and organize meetings galore.
I just marvel that at some point in time you just don’t simply close your front door.

But your home is always open to us at any time.
You invite us in again and again and even invite us to dine.

I can’t imagine what your phone is like calling all over the United States.
It would be nice if AT&T offered you very low reunion rates.

For months you eat and sleep this reunion thinking of ideas daily.
No one could’ve done a finer job than you not even Alex Haley.

We all love you dearly Floyd and thank you for your dedication.
And at this moment in time please accept our standing ovation.

Other poems by Marianne:

Mrs. Cole is the daughter of Rev Elijah A. Reid and Susie Toomer Reid, and the mother of four sons. She is also a longtime planning committee member. Marianne has delighted family and friends with her heartfelt and humorous poems for years. She looks forward to publishing a book of poetry one day.


  • At 9:47 PM, Blogger Floyd M Riley said…

    Thanks Mer...

    I love this poem more and more each time I read it. It was certainly a treat when you first wrote and read it at one of our reunions.

    Thanks ever so much!!! Oh yeah, that apple pie you made for me last week was BANGING!!!

    Love ya.


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