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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Toomer Timeline: 1900_s

From East Berlin Back To Africa

This year, the Toomer family celebrated Black History month by displaying our history, at the Camden County Library in Voorhees, NJ. One part of this display was a timeline called, From East Berlin Back To Africa. Using documents from the research of Floyd M. Riley, primarily census records, we created a paper trail from 1930, back to the mystery of our African past. This Toomer Timeline will appear in two blogs. Timeline 1900_s and Timeline 1800_s. View display.

  • The 1930 US Federal Census shows the family of Bertha Walker and Henry Toomer as residents of Berlin Township, Camden County, NJ. They live on Elm Avenue (renamed Toomer Avenue in their honor).
  • In the household there are six children, (Charles, Robert, Clarence, Albert, Susie, Ida, Nathaniel, Cornelius), and one grandson (Charles).
  • Age 52 and 40, Henry and Bertha are listed as owners of a home worth $800. Also, their answers to the question, age at first marriage, are 32 for Henry and 20 for Bertha. (We think that Henry may not have understood the question. Proof has proved elusive. Additionally, their ages are two years older than what is what is shown on the marriage register in 1907. The register carries more weight.)
  • Birth locations for Henry and Bertha are Georgia and Florida, respectively. The birth locations for the children are FL, PA, and NJ.
  • Take a look at the full census and you will see Uncle Lewis and Aunt Ida living in the household next door. (Please don’t mention the burp. I am too young to remember this, or has the devastation caused me to block it out at an early age. Will I wake up in the middle of the night crying Oh Aunt Ida roll down the window puleeze!)
  • View the 1930 Census


  • The 1920 US Federal Census shows the family of Henry & Bertha Toomer are renters on the south side of Nectarine Street, in the 11th ward of the city of Philadelphia, PA.
  • At this time, the household consists of six children (James, Lucille, Charles, Robert, Clarence, Albert), Henry_s mother Lucy, and boarders.
  • View the 1920 Census


  • In 1910, Jacksonville, Duval Co, FL, we expect that the household of Henry and Bertha Toomer would contain James, age two and Lucille may or may not have appeared, depending of when the census taker arrived. She was born in September of 1910.
  • December 1907, Henry Toomer and Bertha Walker married in Jacksonville, FL. Henry is 30 and Bertha is 18. (Yes we began from a May-December romance.)
  • In 1900, census records show Bertha in the household of Robert Jackson, husband of her mother Florida_s. Also in this Jacksonville household are Bertha_s siblings, James and Ida (Big Aunt Ida).
  • Henry Toomer_s whereabouts in 1900 are a mystery. He could be listed under the name of William.

For more details on Toomer_s in the 1900_s, view Our Beginning at Let us know if you have any questions about the census records.


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