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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Toomer Timeline: 1800_s

From East Berlin Back To Africa

This is the second of two blogs showing a timeline called, From East Berlin Back To Africa. Using documents from the research of Floyd M. Riley, primarily census records, we created a paper trail back to the mystery of our African past. View Toomer Timeline 1900_s

  • On the 8th day of June 1880, in Houston Co., GA, the Toomer household consists of head of household Caroline Toomer, age 50, her three daughters, Lucy, Lu?elia, Sarah, and her grandson, William H, our Henry.
  • Caroline is listed as widowed or divorced and her occupation appears to be washes and irons.
  • Lucy, the mother of Henry, is a cook.
  • View the 1880 Census


  • The 1870 census is very important to African Americans. This the first time that all blacks were listed by name and family group.
  • The Houston County household of William and Caroline Toomer includes, Alex, Frank, Mary, Lucy, Lula and Sarah.
  • William and Caroline were born in North Carolina.
  • Lucy is the mother of Henry Toomer.
  • Mary, later Mary Toomer Lawson, is the grandmother of cousin Josie Haliburton.
  • The 1870 census can cause confusion for researchers. The primary reason is that we see something that is not there, relationships. We assume that William and Caroline are the parents and others in the household are their children. Without further documentation, such as census, birth and other genealogical records, you can not make this assumuption. We have this documentation, thus we know that those are the children of Caroline.
  • View the 1870 Census


  • The 1860 US Federal Slave Schedule (census) gives the name of the owner and lists the age and sex of the slaves.
  • Henry Toomer owned over 150 slaves on the Hog Crawl and Flat Creek plantations in Houston County. He is was considered a large slaveholder. View information about Houston County_s largest slaveholder at RootsWeb.
  • View the 1860 Slave Schedule


  • In the Houston County Courthouse of Perry, Georgia, Floyd found the document which we cherish. Within Deed Book L, pages 124-125, are the words
    ...also a negro woman named Caroline, and her four children, Caroline, about 28 years old, of yellow complexion. Alexander, a mustee, about 6 years old. Frank a mustee about 4 years old. Mary, a mustee about 2 years old. Lucy a mustee, an infant, also a yellow girl named Caroline about 14 years old, the above negros I warrant to be sound and well in body and mind and to be slaves for life.
  • This deed was discussed in an earlier blog. View blog.
  • View the transcription of the 1858 Slave Deed


  • DNA testing has shown that we share common ancestry with theā€¦.oh yeah, this will be the Reunion Surprise.
  • We will disclose this information on Reunion Saturday, at Bamboo Gardens.
  • Clues abound.
  • Our dream is to somehow, some way, God willing, to find a paper trail, and proof beyond the DNA testing. We believe that this is possible, and you know what they say about believing.
  • Who wants to take a trip to Africa?
  • View information on Toomer DNA testing at
  • View Blog on DNA testing
  • View article on Toomer DNA testing.

Let us know if you have any questions about these documents.


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