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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Toomer Are You Ready For A 911 Movie?

On April 28, 2006 United 93 will open in theaters. This film will depict the events of September 11, 2001. Family, are you ready for this? If you would have asked me this question prior to the hearing the transcripts to the voice recordings used in the Moussaoui trial, I might have said yes. But now I have heard the calls from the people in the WTC asking for help. I have also heard the transcript of people on United 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania. It is all coming back, the unbelievable horror of it all.

As a person who worked in NYC at the time, I sat this one out, at home in my living room. I was also home during the blackout. These are two strange occurrences in my life that tells me that the Toomer Angels are strong. We have plenty of family members who live in NY and north Jersey, and who visit that area all of the time. Many of Uncle Charlie_s descendants live in NY. Many of us have worked and shopped regularly in the World Trade area. We are ok. (Now I am speaking for the descendants of Caroline Toomer. If Toomer_s from other branches have lost members in 911 please let us know.)

Leave a comment and tell us if you will go to the theater to see United 93. Give us a first hand account of your 911 experience and it_s aftermath. Also, feel free to leave comments about fond memories of the World Trade area.

Personally I loved the lunchtime concerts at World Trade during the summertime. Each day a different radio station would run the show. One day there was jazz blaring from the center of buildings, the next day there was R&B. If you visited the following day you would see a bunch of people doing a country line dance. Everyday was there was something and the area was always packed. Yes, World Trade summers were enjoyable. Grab a lunch, find a seat, and take in the music and the view. Of course there were many characters walking around. After eating, if you feel like dancing it off, you could. Just jump into the crowd. Or if you are a free spirit, just do your thing where you stand. Some folks choose this option.

I tried to write some of my first hand experiences of 911, but the tears overcame my words. One vision that always comes back is kind of strange. It is not a horrific vision, as many of them were, but a simple one. A small piece of CNN footage during the first evening triggered a vision. It was dark outside but I could see the names on the side of the emergency vehicles and this blew me away. The footage was of ambulances from Cherry Hill and Somerdale at the World Trade Center. Emergency teams from 90 miles and even greater distances away, all on the scene. The vision that was triggered by this footage was of our NJ Turnpike, closed to public access, full of emergency vehicles, heading north to the tragedy at the WTC.

So whether you are ready or not family, the movies are coming, United 93 being the first. According to Newsweek, Nicholas Cage will star in World Trade Center on Aug 9th.


  • At 1:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    No I will not go to see the movie.

    I remember that day oh so well. I was running the vaccum and half watching TV. As I watched, I was thinking, boy this looks real. When I realized, after seeing the second plane hit the Trade Center, this was really happening, my first thoughts were, "OH MY GOD!!! WHERE IS SHAMELE???

    My Daughter Shamele Jordon was working in New York at the time and passed through this area every day ! I started calling and at first I could not reach her and I started to panic. Oh my GOD !!!!!
    Please let her be alright. Then I got the call from my daughter telling me she did not go to work that day. Thank God!

    As a matter of fact, we had two other family members who live in New York and go to the trade center every day who did not go to work that day. Yes Mele, I do believe the TOOMER FAMILY ANGELS are watching over us all.



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