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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Support Beandrea_s Mystical Splurge

Summer 2006

Dear Kind Supporter:

In April 2005 I began work on a memoir called Good Enough For God. I started writing this book with the intention of healing from the pain of an experience I had as a member of an extremist evangelical Christian church during my first two years of college (see included excerpt). Although I didn’t know it at the time, this experience was to be the catalyst for my homecoming; my journey to discover a spirituality that honors my true self. GEFG documents the unfolding of this journey, weaving this catalytic experience together with all the stories of what has always been my deep enchantment with spirituality. By tracking what I’ve learned from growing up in Black Church, attending Catholic school, making art, practicing and teaching Kripalu yoga and insight mediation, and other experiences, I am gaining deep insight into my path thus far that will hopefully inspire others to find their own true paths of self-discovery and spiritual fulfillment.

Last summer, I spent six weeks working on the book for several hours each day. This year I will further intensify my commitment by spending the entire summer on a GEFG writing retreat. I’ve committed myself to a double challenge: to complete the first draft of this manuscript by September 2006 and to raise the $5000 I need to finance this period of creative work by May 18.

Specifically, this money will enable me to: 1) purchase a much needed laptop 2) pay for lodging, food, and travel expenses associated with completing a five-week writing retreat in Paris where I already have free lodging thanks to the generosity of some vacationing French friends; 3) Complete a one-week writing retreat in Cuernavaca, Mexico where I will also celebrate and photograph a dear friend’s wedding 4) Complete a two-week on-the-road writing retreat from Philadelphia, PA to Oakland, CA.

In order to meet this double challenge, I need your support. Here’s how you can say yes…

  1. Donate. Give $25, $50, $100 or more! Visit to donate through Paypal. You can also mail a check (made out to Beandrea Davis) to: 5906A Carpenter St Philadelphia, PA 19143-3012. If just 75 supporters give at the $50 level, 75 percent of the goal will be met.
  2. You’re Invited! Beandrea’s move*ment party and art auction. Sat, June 3, 2006, 6:30 PM. This party will celebrate my upcoming move to start graduate school in journalism at University of California Berkeley this fall. Food, fun, and silent bidding on gallery quality photographs starting at 75% off original price. Location: Parent Infant Center Gym. 42nd & Locust Sts. Enter via the black gate at corner.
  3. Buy new and used books that I’m selling on for amazingly low prices. To choose from the list of nearly 100 titles, Click here!

Support is not only monetary: Send this email to 10 or more of your friends with a personal message from you encouraging them to donate. Send positive energy and prayers for the success of this fundraising campaign. Use your creativity and write, draw, sing, dance, speak something that offers support of this process.

Ultimately GEFG is about my search for self-confidence and a spirituality that affirms my wholeness. It is a visible example of my commitment to live an authentic life, one experienced from the inside out. I call this the path of the Mystical Splurge.

So, Will you join me Dear One? Will you join me in this Mystical Splurge called Life? My greatest hope is that you will discern and act upon the desires of your heart. Yes!

In joy and gratitude,


Beandrea T. Davis


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