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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Reunion Committee Props

By Marianne Reid Cole
Read during a 1990_s Reunion Friday church service

I wanted to write this paper, in honor of the Reunion committee.
A group of conscientious cousins who are also quite witty.

These people have worked tirelessly to organize various events over the years.
To keep our family united and in the process explore new frontiers.

We’ve sold tee shirts, cookbooks, calendars, sweatshirts and more.
But our biggest fundraiser by far is our annual smorgasbord.

We’ve had meetings galore, just to ensure that our reunion would be a success.
We’ve planned, strategized and orchestrated to make our reunion the best.

I believe in my heart our reunions are some of the greatest that’s ever been planned.
It have never been simply thrown together, each detail is carefully manned.

It’s a fact that before tracing one’s family roots ever became a fad.
Floyd was searching and traveling all over, he’s the best researcher we’ve ever had.

So hats off to each committee member who gave of your energy and time.
Due to your vision and sacrifices, things have turned out just fine.

Hats off to Loretta, whose input made our meetings much better,
And thank you to Mike who made us catfish, and we didn’t even have to wash a dish.

Hats off to Rita, God knows we sure did need her,
As she prayed that God would make us one, all before the meeting begun.

Hats off to Patsy, who some would call a little sassy.
But Patsy always supplied us with much needed laughter,
Before the meeting, during and after.

Hats off to Gladys, for over her house she had us.
She graciously made us chicken wings, and we didn’t have to bring a thing.

Hats off to Charlene, as we were blessed that she was on our team.
To her we are so grateful, because she was truly faithful.

Hats off to Catherine Williams, whose family support is worth a million.
Because of her support of our smorgasbord, our ticket sales always soared.

Hats off to our gal Cheryl, who is in my opinion quite a pearl.
Her artful hand is second to none, and we say thank you for all that you’ve done.

Hats off to Bernice, whose support of the meetings never ceased.
If no one showed Bernice was there, always showing her concern and care.

Hats off to Vice-President Shamele, who believes in doing her job well.
Don’t know what we would do without you, your dedication is tried and true.

Hats off to Floyd’s wife Brenda, and we hope we didn’t offend her.
By all of the meetings scheduled at her home, we’re grateful for the hospitality shown.

Hats off to Floyd, with him there’d be such a void.
Because of his love for family history, our family roots are no longer a mystery.

I love you all and it was indeed a pleasure working hand in hand with you.
I’ve enjoyed the laughs, enjoyed the food, but most of all I’ve enjoyed you.

A great deal of hard work has been done by this committee to ensure a successful weekend.
And we hope you have a real good time and participate in the various events.

So will you join me in showing them our heartfelt appreciation?
By standing and giving your very own a hearty and loving ovation.

Mrs. Cole is the daughter of Susie Toomer Reid, and the mother of four sons. She is also a longtime planning committee member. Marianne has delighted family and friends with her heartfelt and humorous poems for years. She looks forward to publishing a book of poetry one day.


  • At 8:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Thank you for acknowledging the Toomer Family Reunion Planning Committee. We have a wonderful group of dedicated members who are responsible for planning what I consider the greatest Family Reunions. I look forward to the Family Reunion weekend.

    Catherine Toomer Williams


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