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Monday, April 10, 2006

Photo Gallery: Toomers at Auletto_s

New at

View photographs from our Auletto_s Reunions. They are primarily from 1992 and a couple from 1990. When viewing the photo montage, click on the photo to enlarge. If you have pictures that you would like to include please send via email. The goal of each photo gallery is to represent multiple branches of the Toomer family.

Arts and Crafts

Except from Toomer Reunion History, by Floyd M. Riley
The next three reunions 1988, 1990 and 1992 were held at Aulettos in Deptford, NJ. By this time, the committee wanted to enjoy all of the reunion events. The crowds were large and the planners felt that they were missing out on a lot by being engaged with cooking and distributing food. So, we began searching for a location where we could expand activities, relax and enjoy each others company. The planning committee continued with the display of the family history and photographs. Master Dee Jay Alvin ‘Poosa’ McCann cranked up the music and we began our annual Dance Contests! Everybody remembers Herbert ‘Bunky’ Bethune dancing up a storm on one of these occasions. He didn’t steal the show. He was the show!

The Uncles
L to R: (Aunt Dot) Beese, Donald, Robert (standing), Albert

During this period, additions to the Planning Committee included Catherine Toomer Williams, Denise Toomer Covington, Marianne Reid Cole and Shamele Jordon. In 1992 , Friday evening was set aside for the family religious service. The tradition of family members conducting the entire service was established. The first two services were held at Pilgrim Rest Disciples of Christ Church. Dinner followed at the home of Floyd M. Riley.

Due to space limitations and the number of future galleries, each photo montage will initially contain 10-15 pictures. Future reunion galleries will include: reunions at Bamboo Gardens, reunion skating, Toomer Avenue celebration, 1999 family group photo set up, 2000 family group photo set up and Smorgasbord (gone but not forgotten).


  • At 12:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I was doing some weekend “novice” genealogical research when I came across the Toomer website. What a fascinating and entertaining family history. Through my own research of family oral history, court and other records, apparently, I am a descendant of a couple by the name of Albert and Dinah Toomer of Hardeeville (Jasper County) South Carolina [also found them in the 1880 census]. I was wondering if this set of Toomers from Hardeeville were somehow related to the Toomers of Jacksonville? I would very much like to get to SC to go through those old records but my military and familial obligation limit my options – at least for now. Any information would be much appreciated.
    D.W. Ford

  • At 8:03 AM, Blogger Shamele Jordon said…

    Welcome SC Toomer!!! DW Ford it is great to hear from you. My cousin Floyd is the expert on Toomers in the US. He is on vacation and will return later in the week. He will tell you what he knows when he returns.

    I am in Toomer BGMI training school and have yet to completely understand the details of the SC Toomers. What I remember is that the Toomers of European descent began their US experience in SC, coming from Wales. John Joshua Toomer is their patriarch. One of his descendants John DeRossett Toomer moved to NC. Henry Toomer, son of DeRossett moved to GA. Henry and his brother John S both owned our ancestor Caroline.

    The Toomers of Jacksonville, which you see on this blog and at are descendants of Henry Toomer and Bertha Walker. Henry comes from Perry, GA and has no known connection to the SC Toomers. Do you know if you are related to Armani Toomer, the football player?

    Have you taken a look at the online databases at the site of the SC Dept of Archives and History? They have indexes, one of which are wills. I have a friend who used this index and was able to find the will with her slave ancestors. She searched for the less common names from the 1870 census. Then she used the infomation from the index and just returned from the SC Archives with 25 pages of estate papers associated with the will. Floyd and I searched the database the other night and there is plenty of Toomer stuff.
    View SC Archives Databases

    Check out Samford's IGHR if you want to enhance your research. It is a weeklong course. It is a fantactic experience. This will be my third year.
    Go to Samford IGHR

    Thanks for dropping by and we hope that you will continue to visit. Please send your email address to

    Take Care and good luck with your research!! Let me know if I can be of assistance.

  • At 3:48 AM, Anonymous D.W. Ford said…

    First, thank you very much for the information; it seems that when it comes to genealogy, no detail can be overlooked. I don’t know too much about the SC Toomers and its various branches, but I spoke with my mother, who lives in SC and she told me everything she knew of family’s history. One interesting note was that there is a Toomer Family Reunion planned for next summer in Atlanta (she wasn’t 100% sure on the location though). I think it may be worth the trip for me and my family.

    My ancestors are the Fords of Dillon SC, the Spivey’s and Bazemores of Bertie, NC and lastly the Williams’ and Toomers of SC. It was the Tommers that I was the least knowledgeable about and therefore, piqued my curiosity the most. I think because there are only a couple of generations mentioned and I wanted to learn more – I’m thinking they relocated. I suspect that I’ll find out “the rest of the story at the Reunion next summer but until then, please do enjoy your Reunion and thank you again for the information.
    D.W. Ford


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