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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mystical Splurge

By Beandrea Davis

Rather than looking up at me with weary eyes and speaking of admiration, why don’t you tell me what you want in Life? What makes your heart soar outside your chest? Why are you here?

Go within and go deep. Walk away from everything you think you know. Snuggle up with fear. Greet each of the voices inside, and then step back. Put on the sunglasses of the Universe, and see the wide-angle view. It is full of ten thousand joys and ten thousand sorrows.

Believe in your preciousness to the unfolding of the Great Mystery. Tap inner reserves of confidence and compassion previously unknown. Live the life you want from the inside out, knowing that this is why you are here.

Recognize that we are all spiritual beings temporarily living in human form. Walk with me along the path looking eye to eye, standing shoulder to shoulder.

I am tired of self-estrangement. I want to be whole.

Will you join me dear one? Will you join me in this Mystical Splurge called Life?

Copyright 2006. Beandrea Davis. Reprinting without permission strictly prohibited.


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