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Monday, April 03, 2006

I am who I am!

By Blake Cole

In others minds, do we define,
the laws of who we are,
we use these signs, oftentimes,
to recall our strengths and flaws.
But at times we must wonder,
as a lottery number,
do their thoughts really count?
what has been said
from a friend named Fred,
their opinions can i surmount?
Am I that small, or do you recall
my hair looking that bad?
Or are my hips that wide,
and do I always reside
in the tears that make me sad?
Am I that fat, is it how I act
that make folks talk so much?
What am I about, that makes many doubt
the love beyond my touch?
These questions have been asked
by all in the past, regardless of who you are
But as many discover, not from another,
These questions may often leave scars.
But I've finally found a love
that will shove all of the above
into an endless forgotten sea,
Where the only Advocate and eternal Judge
sentenced my life's final destiny;
After searching and searching
Hoping and lurking,
I've found the only remedy...
It's God who designed this person of mine
and He's made me just what He wants me to be!
See its not what you say, how you portray or display
that will affect my feelings from now,
For I know a Musician, the perfect Technician
Who has finished this harmonious sound.
So no more him, she, they, or them
will change my final stand...
I've finally realized through my very own disguise
that I am who I am!

By: Blake L. Cole

Blake Cole, son of Marianne Reid Cole and Herbert Cole II, grandson of Susie Toomer Reid and Rev. Elijah A. Reid, recently received the NAACP 2006 Image Award, for Outstanding Male Student.


  • At 5:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Blake,

    From your poem it seems that wisdom has been knocking loudly at your door. Continue to listen carefully to its call Blake, for as a young man, wisdom still has much to share with you. (In The Holy Bible; Proverbs and Ecclesiates are rich with the benifits of wisdom) Now that you have tasted success in life Blake, don't rest on your laurels, for the Lord is expecting much from you. (Matthew 25:v14-30)

    So,as you continue through life; may you become evermore "Courageous" as you approach the future. May "Perserverance" be your constant companion, and may you strive for "Achievement".

    From Experience.

  • At 8:36 AM, Anonymous Mommy said…

    Blake this is awesome! Are you sure you haven't been in my notes? :) Just kidding. Keep up the good work son.


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