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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hog Crawl Plantation for Sale

Looking for a family retreat? Do you share our ancestor_s love of hunting and fishing? I think that all of Momma and Poppa_s sons enjoyed hunting and/or fishing. I am sure that you remember Uncle Donald cooking up all sorts of stuff in his yard, some big, some small, some unrecognizable.

Now, for a cool $15 mil, you can be the proud owner of a 3000 acre plantation in Macon County, Georgia. This land is part of the Hog Crawl Creek tract, named for the creek that runs through the land. Our ancestors lived on the Hog Crawl Creek plantation
, owned by the Toomer family. The Toomer plantation, however, was in Perry, Houston County, Georgia. This is 12 miles away from the land for sale.

Take a visual walk on the land, in the area, which your ancestors lived, during the later part of the antebellum period. In 1858 Caroline Toomer was 28 years old. She arrived from North Carolina, with four children, by coffle or other means, we are unsure. Her youngest was an infant, Lucy, the mother of Poppa (William Henry Toomer). Another child was Mary, age 2. She is the grandmother of Josie Haliburton. They were sold by John S. Toomer, to his brother, the colonel Henry Toomer.

Picture of land for sale in Macon County, GA, which is 12 miles west of Perry, Houston County, GA. Can you sing it with me Toomer, Swing Low, Sweet Chaaarioot, comin for ta carry me hoooome.

Whichever Toomer purchases the property, I hope that you will invite us to hang out, once or twice. I am up for a little fishing, but someone else has to handle the bait.


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