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Friday, April 07, 2006

Greetings To The Family

By Marianne Reid Cole
Read during a Reunion Friday church service in the 1990_s

Good evening to everyone, so very glad that you come to make this service what it ought to be,
a time to fellowship and worship with family.

We all have different personalities and some of us have great humor.
But we all share the common ground of being descendents of Toomers.

Families are very important in our society today,
But with togetherness at an all time low, all we can do is pray.

My prayer today for us is that our roots will forever be etched in our minds,
and that we’ll share our history with our children while we still have time.

Let’s not forget our loved ones who have passed, without them where would we be?
They taught our family values and the blessing of unity.

We have a family to be proud of, professionals why we have plenty.
Congressman, principals, school teachers galore, our occupations are many.

We have publicists, morticians, and poets, just to name a few.
Entrepreneurs, ministers, inventors, we’re blessed to have all of you.

Toomers span all over the country from one state to another, New York, Nevada, Ohio,
you can always find a cousin.

Virginia, Massachusetts and Georgia, are all inhabited by Toomers as well,
North Carolina, Maryland and Pennsylvania, the home of the liberty bell.

Our family is exceptionally blessed because of a cousin named Floyd.
Who is responsible for discovering our rich heritage, without him there would be a great void.

We’ve come this far by faith leaning on the Lord,
and by faith we’ll continue on, hopefully always having Jesus on board.

So the next time you sport your Toomer tee shirt stick your chest out a little farther and say…
I’m proud to be a part of this great family and go on and have yourself a great day.

Mrs. Cole is the daughter of Susie Toomer Reid, and the mother of four sons. She is also a longtime planning committee member. Marianne has delighted family and friends with her heartfelt and humorous poems for years. She looks forward to publishing a book of poetry one day.


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