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Our goal is to celebrate ALL Toomer family members today and yesterday. This blog will include history, genealogy, and reunion news. Additionally we will share our talent in poetry and prose, along with spotlight news on family members.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

April at ToomerFamily BLOG

Genealogy, History, Poetry & Prose, Reunion, Spotlight

April was a good month in Toomer BLOG land. Click on April in the right-navigation bar to view blogs written in April. Below is a list of April blogs


  • Toomer Index: WWII Army Enlistment
  • Toomer Slaves
  • Toomer Timeline: 1800_s
  • Toomer Timeline: 1900_s
  • Toomers in 1870 Houston County, Georgia


  • Eat Right and Exercise
  • List of Posts on the ToomerFamily BLOG
  • My Husband Would Freak!
  • New Jersey Toomers Pumping Gas
  • Sign In: Let us know you were here!
  • Toomer April Birthdays
  • Toomer Are You Ready For A 911 Movie?
  • Using the ToomerFamily BLOG


  • Big Aunt Ida Parsons
  • African History: More than Plight
  • Civil War Soldier Buried in East Berlin
  • Hog Crawl Plantation for Sale
  • Toomer Precious Places
  • Toomer Takes Light-Heavyweight Crown

Planning Committee

  • April Planning Committee Meeting
  • Flea Market Fundraiser Next Saturday
  • Last Call For Recipes!!!

Poetry & Prose

  • I am who I am!
  • Mystical Splurge
  • Reunion Committee Props
  • Spine, by Beandrea Davis
  • We Appreciate You Floyd
  • Good Enough For God


  • Photo Gallery: Toomers at Auletto_s
  • Photo Gallery: Toomers at Bamboo Gardens
  • Photo Gallery: Toomer Reunion Skating
  • Toomer Awards


  • Beandrea Online


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