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Our goal is to celebrate ALL Toomer family members today and yesterday. This blog will include history, genealogy, and reunion news. Additionally we will share our talent in poetry and prose, along with spotlight news on family members.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

What is the Toomer Family Blog?

The word blog comes from weB LOG. A blog is simply a web journal that is updated regularly by one person or a team of people. The blog posts are kept in reverse chronological order, newest on the top. Learn more about blogs at

Generally, a blog is on one subject, such as the Toomers. Floyd and Shamele, Toomer bloggers, will add blog posts relating to Toomer family history, reunions and other items of interest. We invite everyone to feel free to add your comments to any posts.

Our goal is to facilitate greater communication between family members. The Toomer Family Blog will enable us to quickly provide updates and insight on reunion planning, family history research and general family happenings.

The Rules: We will keep it simple (and modify as necessary).

  • Be nice. (But I don’t have to tell Toomers to be nice. Do I? Cause we are all just as sweet as apple pie.)
  • Comments should pertain to the specific posts. Do not use the blog if email would be better. Send updates like address changes, births, deaths, marriages, and graduation to .

Toomer Homeland Security Notice: In order to protect family members from external (or internal) threats of WMD’s, and other situations deemed in the interest of the national security of this family group, all blog posts and comments are subject to the approval of the Administration, (President Floyd) and THS, (Secretary Shamele). We caution family members to remember that all things posted on the internet will become part of the permanent record. Do not disclose too much personal information.


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