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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Toomer Awards

Every reunion we give out special Awards to Toomers in attendance. The awards are: youngest, most senior, newlywed, and furthest traveled. Occasionally we give awards for longest married and special recognition. Of these awards, the most coveted is the youngest Toomer award. I remember a naive cousin, who had his child in the spring, thinking that his daughter would be in contention for the youngest award. People roll out of the maternity award and to the reunion to collect their prize. Generally the winner is one month or less. Folks you should hear the shouting. The mothers of ancient 3 month olds babies are quickly quieted by mothers who are still on maternity leave.

The most senior award can be fun. The last time that we gave this award, my grandfather Charles “Sonny” Malcolm Toomer won the award. This affected him in ways that only people who were standing on that side of the crowd would know. He used Deadwood type language to and from the podium. Basically he thought that we were making fun of him. We tried to explain that we were honoring him. Maybe, to him, he looked around and his aunts and uncles (Momma and Poppa_s children) whom he grew up with were no longer here. Now it is just him, his sister Bernice, and first cousin Eleanor. He actually has over 60 first cousins, but only a few that are in there 70_s. (Personally, I look forward to receiving the most senior Toomer Award, so kids lay it on me. I will not mind. As you know, I plan to live to be 125 years old.)

Furthest traveled generally goes to faithful reunion going family, Kathy Toomer and Edwin Baylock, who travel from Canton, OH with children and now grandchildren. One day I will go to Canton, bypass the Football Hall of Fame, and go to the Baylock_s to visit the Toomer Hall of Furthest Traveled Awards room.

In Planning Committee meetings we often discuss including other awards. One award discussed would honor the person with the most descendants at the reunion. The problem with this is the time that it would take to ascertain the winner. You know that we are not known for our patience. Another award that we thought about would be given to the person with the most generations. During Aunt Olga’s time, she would have won this award. Who do you think might win these awards?

Family. Who will win the Toomer Awards this year? Are there any lil Toomers due in August or late July? Will a Toomer travel more that 465 miles and upset the Baylock dominance of the travel award? Will Sonny Toomer attend again? Will we give him an award? Do I hear wedding bells? Are you a contender or know of some one who is? Post comments and make sure you join us for the answer to these questions and MORE, at the Toomer Family Reunion Saturday, Labor Day weekend, September 2, 2006.


  • At 10:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Shamele,Floyd and all relatives who produced our family blog/website,ALL this information was WONDERFULLY ENLIGHTENING and makes me prouder than ever to have TOOMER blood running through my body!!!...MUCH love,respect and my prayers to you ALL!...Pamela Chenita Reid(Daughter of Susie Mae Toomer Reid"Aunt Susie")
    P.S. I am extremely and Godly proud of my twin nephews,Blake and Brent!"You Go Boys"!!!


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