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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spring Clean for Family Fundraiser

Spring will be here soon. With the recent 60 degree temperatures, we thought that it was here already, but winter reminds us that, it aint over till it_s over. But once spring is truly in the air, you will begin cleaning. There will be plenty of decisions to make: to keep, to throwaway, to give to Goodwill. Should you keep that suit, or pair of shoes, that you have not been able to wear in years? Do you really need all of those knick-knacks? How many cd holders and candle holders do you really need? The Toomer Family Planning Committee is here to help you.

Saturdays in May we will have a Toomer fundraiser at the Auction (Berlin Farmer_s Market), in Berlin, NJ. We are renting a table to sell used items. Please bring your items to the Auction. The table will be in the T row. This row is just outside of the gated flea market area. It is closest to Blackwood Clementon Rd.

During one of those 60 degree days, I stopped by America_ s favorite retailer, which everyone loves to hate, and picked up an 18-gallon tote. I will use this tote to hold my flea market items as I come across them. Last year, when we held the same fundraiser, there were many items that we could of had on hand. All day the committee remembered things that they forgot to pack. Each time a flea marketer asked for something, like costume jewelry, we would look at each other and say Oh, I have a bag full at home that I could have brought. Clothes and shoes were a hot item. People also liked pictures, cd holders, cute knick-knacks, etc.

So on a Saturday in May, stop by the Auction and donate a few items. One year Susan donated a kitchen sink. Boy did I worry about going home with that. It turned out to be a hot item. People bid on it all day. (I guess that I was not that worried. But I was not going to just give it away.) Large items are fine, but just as Susan did, if it did not sell she was going to take it back. So don’t pull up a U-Haul, but bring us some stuff. The planning committee is full of latent sales people, so if you bring it, generally we will move it. We will be there on the following Saturdays from 7:30 am -3:30 pm, weather permitting:

  • May 6
  • May 13
  • May 20
  • May 27


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