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Our goal is to celebrate ALL Toomer family members today and yesterday. This blog will include history, genealogy, and reunion news. Additionally we will share our talent in poetry and prose, along with spotlight news on family members.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Spine, by Beandrea Davis

Cooling centers
appear strategically
along spine.
Where head meets neck,
between blades of shoulder,
as brain floats on cloud,
and tailbone plugs like power chord.
Spine channels Light
up from Earth,
as beauty waterfalls over cliffs
inside me.
Inside this motion while sitting still
I know
I am

by Beandrea Davis, CYT

Beandrea Davis is the grand daughter of Robert Toomer, and daughter of Barbara Toomer Davis, also a poet. What I know of Bea's CV is that she is a University of Pennsylvania graduate and is currently preparing to attend graduate school, for journalism, at UC Berkeley. During her time at UPenn she graced the pages of Essence magazine as one of the years star college students. Additionally, Beandrea was bitten by the photo bug, like her grandfather, whom we know as the family photographer. Her photos have been on exhibit in Philadelphia. She has attended many Toomer family reunions, especially as a child. I have a few young photos of her that I must dig up. Thank you Bea for submitting your poetry. Thank you for making us proud with your academic accomplishments. We wish you success in your future endeavors! I especially love that your are a yoga teacher. There are plenty of Toomer backs that could use your help. When are you leaving for Berkeley?


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