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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New at the 2006 Toomer Reunion

In addition to DNA test results, Toomers will have two new things to look forward to. First, on Friday night after church and dinner, we will play a new game, T! True Toomerwood Stories. This game evolved during a planning committee meeting at Marianne_s. We are fully aware that we have more than our share of great story tellers (as well as subjects) in our family. We would like to capture these family stories while we are all together. (We need 2 videographers to volunteer.) Each storyteller will have three minutes to tell a G-Rated story. (You can tell me the non-G-rated stories on the side.) View full details of T! True Toomerwood Stories.

The second new reunion item will be a Saturday program. BRING YOUR PORTABLE CHAIR! We generally bring everyone together once on Saturday so that we can have the dance contest* and give out the Toomer Awards. This reunion we have extra stuff to share and do. The program will last for about an hour. During this time we will have the dance contest, awards, DNA results, T! True Toomerwood Stories Finals, and a group photo. Don’t forget to BRING YOUR PORTABLE CHAIR! You know the chair that comes in a tube bag, which you sling over your shoulder and Wal-Mart had on sale last year for 9.97.

*Dance contest question for the Toomer Teens and Pre-teens: During the past two reunions we have successfully had a little kid dance and an adult bop contest. Unfortunately when the music plays, we have not had participants in the teen pre-teen age group. We have changed the song and even asked you what you want to hear. Wassup with that? I know that yall can dance. One reunion we had to temporarily suspend skating at the rink cause you guys ripped off your skates and took over the floor dancing. Then, then next day, on Saturday, you guys would not dance in the park. Again I ask you, wassup with that? Let me know. Leave a comment.

See you at the Reunion.


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