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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

March Planning Committee Meeting

The March meeting marked 6 months until the reunion. Of course you know that the reunion will be held on Labor Day weekend. This is the first time EVER that we changed the date. Usually we hold the reunion on the weekend before Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately we lost our date at our favorite place, so Labor Day weekend it is.

After our gracious hosts, Loretta and Mike, served us a tasty bowl of gumbo with shrimp and andouille sausage, we discussed old business: family cookbook - where are your recipes TOOMERS, if you do not cook get one from a friend who can, we need them now please; hats; Berlin Farmers Market table - we are reserving a table at the Auction to raise money for the reunion. We are accepting donations. So during spring cleaning remember that one person_s junk is another person_s treasure. We will be there on Saturdays in May. We will be in the strip of tables closest to Blackwood Clementon Rd; first mailer - if you did not get a newsletter send your address to ; reunion Friday; 2006 group photo; donations towards DNA testing; Toomer Family history display at the Camden County Library in Voorhees in celebration of Black History Month; 2007 banquet. New business included: email received at; reunion awards. Other topics discussed included: announcement of the Georgia Toomer Reunion July 2006 at Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, GA. The cottages and villas and mountains are fantatsic.

One thing that you may have noticed that is obviously missing is the discussion of all of the Registration forms that we have received. Hint Hint!! (The price is not high in comparison to other reunions. Our goal is to fundraise so that we can keep the cost low. All that is charged is the cost of the park on Saturday, which is six hours of food and family fun for $25. When I attended a reunion this summer with my Grandmother I had to pay $90. Toomer cost would have been $50. Thank goodness she is a senior or I would have had to pay $120.) Next meeting: April 15th


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