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Monday, March 20, 2006

Holographic Reunions

I just watched a piece on CNN about, being in two places at one time. They referenced the holographic meeting in Star Wars. Then they translated this concept to the workplace. Well, you know how my mind and thinking would apply this concept. We could have Holographic Reunions! Of course we would continue to have the traditional full bodied experience every two years, as we do now, but imagine. Imagine the different things that we could do.

We could get together regularly, having different clubs for the youth and young adults. Back in the day, people like Ronnie, Floyd, and Leslie used the church van, driving around, gathered up the kids. I think that they would enjoy taking the kids on holographic trips instead. One month the kids would come together and watch a movie and have discussion. Next month we would take a holographic trip to Perry, GA and Floyd would give us a history lesson. We could even organize a dream of mine, Toomer Kids Marching in the Berlin Township_s July 4th parade. We could have kids from all over the US meet to practice. We would probably have to limit it to 50 kids within a narrow age group. The number of kids attending the 2000 reunion can be seen in the Toomer group picture. It is hard to count them, and that was 6 years ago, so you imagine. I do not think that Berlin Twp would be prepared for an additional 200 kids in the parade. (I am not sure if there would be holographic kids or full bodied. This part has not been worked out). They could even do their thing at the reunion. Everyone loves when the young Toomers perform at the reunion. Coach, Herb III and Justin were a treat on Toomer Avenue and at Greater Mt. Carmel. When lil Mark joined in on the performance of his big first cousins, the crowd cracked up. Remember the Toomer Steppers, Unsun, Lia, Joy, and Joy I think. (Someone correct me if I am wrong and missing folks.)

For the adults we could have interest groups in cooking, books, computers, poetry, African history, genealogy, etc. We could even have a holographic grandparents club where they come together to share stories and pictures of their little cuties. For the teens we could have the Getting Ready for College Club. Different family members, who they normally would not have contact with, could encourage and help them to make sense of all of the stuff required to prepare, choose, and be succesful in college. Additionally the future freshmen could work through this together. This would create a bond between college freshmen living far apart, possibly going to school in the same metro area.

The holographic possibilities are endless. But if you think about it, much this can be done right now. We could create clubs and groups using online technology that has been available for some time now. This technology is called message boards or forums. Why do we not have this, you may ask. Well the reason is simple. We must first build an online constituency. We need to know who is online and what kinds of things you want. Post a comment to let us know that you are out there and the kind of things that you are interested in. Send your email address to be included on Toomer Mailings.


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