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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Goodbye Super Bowl Champion City

Well family it is time to leave Pittsburgh. The Family Reunion conference was a success. It was amazing how many of the city tourism folks want the conference in their city. Kissimmee, FL, and Birmingham, AL were two of the cities that I remember, probably because they made the most noise. The PA Heritage guy let them do their thing. Then he stood up and let everyone know that PA has the conference until 2009 (and jokingly stated that the judicial system would be involved if events occured otherwise). Yes the room roared. We will be in Philadelphia next year so family plan to attend. Then back to Pittsburgh in 2008.

It was fun to hang out with the vendors. There is a sister vendor team who are always at the conference and they have great stuff. Also there was an African designer named Aziz and his assistant. They were speaking in a different language. So I asked them which language were they using and they said that they were speaking Wolof and they were from Senegal. After my presentation I stopped by to say goodbye and ended up showing them our web site. I told them about the DNA testing and our results and one said, ahhh, I can see it. I am not sure what it is but I had fun shopping in their area. Floyd had a similar experience. Maybe he will share this with you.

During this mornings continental breakfast we had the pleasure to listen to a poet. Turhan Shabazz said that in Pittsburgh he is known as the Unwrapper. He writes a poem a day. They were beautiful and full of information about how we treat one another, our men, our women and our children. He spoke of empowering yourself to take care or you and your family. He was fantastic! You could see people nodding their heads and smiling, as if they were saying preach brother preach.

Calling all Toomer poets. I know that we have lots of poets out there. Share with your family. Our talent is great. (And if you do not realize this call me. I will pump you up.) Don_t keep it to yourself. If all of us bring our talents and skills to bear in planning and executing the family reunion, imagine the things that we could do. We thank you for sharing your talents and yourself. This is how we grow. As a reunion we do plenty with little funds. I have seen families who have bank accounts that make my mouth water, and family I have got to tell you, I am thankful for what we have. The planning committee is looking forward to working with more of you. Growth is good.


  • At 4:06 PM, Blogger Floyd M Riley said…

    Shamele, I'm glad that the conference was a success. I always looked forward to the sharing of information and ideas. It certainly is a worthwhile event as it allows you to evaluate and compare what we do with our reunion in comparision to what others do in theirs. I believe that I will attend again next year. Who knows, I might even offer to do a presentation again.

    I also had an experience with a 'sister' from the motherland on Friday. She said that she was Ibo and was from northern Nigeria. After I shared some information with her, she named another group of people who lived in a nearby region and said that I resembled them. She pointed to the top portion of my face, begining with my eyes and upward. It was interesting.

    As far as poets in the family, we have a large number of individuals that fall into that category. Without even thinking about it, I could easily name a dozen. Interestingly enough, I went to a photography exhibit last year showing the black and white art work of one of Uncle Robert's granddaughters, Beandrea, and she read some poetry as well. Her mother Barbara from Conneticut recently had a reading in New York City. I think that we should think about a way to do some sharing at a future event. The talent is ever present amongst us.

  • At 10:54 PM, Blogger Shamele Jordon said…

    Ok Floyd, you are revealing too much about the DNA results, which is supposed to be a suprise!

    I knew about our superstar cousin Bea, UPenn Grad, on her way to UC Berkeley Grad School of Journalism. But I did not know that her mom Barbara was doing readings. This is great.

    Barbara and Bea just let us know when to pencil you in. The Toomer Family is looking forward feeling your poetry.

  • At 8:12 PM, Blogger Blake L. Cole said…

    Hey family, i thought id stop by and give a Toomer greeting. This website is too much--auntie and unc, y'all have really out done yourselves this time. Keep it up, trust me your faithfulness has not gone unnoticed! Love everyone and ill keep in touch--especially since i have no excuse now haha

    O and i have some poetry from past years that i didnt mind sharing if you desired it.

  • At 8:32 PM, Blogger Shamele Jordon said…

    Funny that you should stop by the day before you are ToomerFamily BLOG headline news. I created a blog about you this afternoon and will post tomorrow. So check back tomorrow.

    Please send poetry to me at This is greatly desired and appreciated!

    Keep up the good work down there at Rowan cuz and tell Brent hey. I need his email also. Tell your first cousins and other brothers that we need their emails and input also. This is a family thing.


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