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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Funeral Programs and Family Fun

Organizing funeral programs is a great way to learn about family history. This is a great project for people of all ages. Everyone is a collector. We never leave a funeral without a program. Some even get two programs, an extra for a person who may not be in attendance. We have them stored in boxes, book cases, and mixed in with other papers. If you do not have a collection of your own, offer to help someone else.

Funeral programs are important to us so we should take better care of them. They should be easily viewable, so that they can serve their original purpose of reminding us of the life of a loved one. If they are shoved in a box or scattered about the house they are not accessible. Organize the programs by:
  1. Purchase 3-ring binders and sheet protectors from any office supply store.
  2. Gather your programs into one location. If you can only find one box now, you can get started now. Do not put this off. When the others turn up, you can easily add them.
  3. Unfold programs and insert into sheet protectors. The top edge of the program should be near the 3 holes of the sheet protector. Oversized programs will be a challenge. Generally they will fit, folded, inside of a sheet protector.
  4. Alphabetize programs and place into 3-ring binders.

Once arranged, your funeral programs will seem like a book. You will be able to easily flip the pages and view the personal histories of family and friends. (Junior Genealogists can start their collection now. If you do not attend funerals, have someone bring you a program.)


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