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Friday, March 31, 2006

Did I Teach You Enough?

By Marianne Reid Cole

My son you have just entered the world, with its sometimes cold and icy touch.
And the question that haunts me daily is, did I teach you enough?

Did I teach you that you must choose your friends carefully and everyone you cannot trust.
That you must be aware of “frienemies”, did I teach you enough?

Did I teach you the meaning of responsibility so you won’t become financially crushed?
Develop, bad credit and mortgage your financial future away, did I teach you enough?

Have I taught you how to be independent and to follow your own heart even when the going gets tough?
That question in my mind just won’t resign, did I teach you enough?

Did I teach you about taking care of your car, or if need be how to hail a cab or catch a bus?
How not to be disappointed when because of your appearance cabs pass you by, did I teach you enough?

Good jobs are hard to come by and if you get one please don’t mess up.
Be consistent, be on time and do your best, did I teach you enough?

Did I teach you that life is sometimes unfair and just because of your skin color you may be treated quite gruff.
And that just walking into some stores you are instantly suspect, did I teach you enough?

There are so many things that I wanted to teach you, like the meaning of going dutch?
That definition alone could save you quite a bit a of money, did I teach you enough? :-)

Did I teach you to be a gentlemen and that opening doors for women is a plus.
To treat people like you want to be treated,
Did I teach you enough?

Many women will cross your path, but relationships should not be generated by lust.
For god is able to keep you from falling, did I teach you enough?

Did I teach you not to give your heart away just to anyone, because the pain of disappointment may prove to be too much.
The recovery sometimes takes much longer than expected, did I teach you enough?

Did I teach you to be a good steward of your money and to live by it’s slogan that in god we trust.
And to never spend your tithing no matter what, did I teach you enough?

Never allow people to define who you are, don’t let them become your personal judge.
Know who you are and what you stand for, I’m still wondering did I teach you enough?

Life will hit you below the belt and things may seem unfair and get pretty tough.
But I hope you know that you can do all things thru Christ, did I teach you enough?

Did I teach you that you’ll make mistakes and experience failures and just when you think it’s all too much.
If you trust him god will intercede on your behalf, did I really teach you enough?

This question that i ponder plagues my mind, too often and probably too much.
I just need the peace of mind that only Christ can give, I pray that I’ve taught you enough.



Mrs. Cole is the daughter of Susie Toomer Reid, and the mother of four sons, one being our recent NAACP Image Award winner. She is also a longtime planning committee member. This poem, she says, was written recently, when her oldest son Herbert Cole III, moved out. Marianne has delighted family and friends with her heartfelt and humorous poems for years. She looks forward to publishing a book of poetry one day.


  • At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Marianne you have here universal words of wisdom. While they express the anxiety and hope of a parent, your words act also as guidance to some and a reminder to others.

    I’m personally grateful for the reminder.

    Thank you!

  • At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Wilmette Reid said…

    Hi Marianne:

    I absolutely loved your poem. My personal computer was out of commission this weekend, and I cannot remember if I had responded to you. Well if I did, I don't mind letting you know again that this Mother loved it. Congratulations again.


  • At 12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Twin Cuz, you know I love you. It's something how your poetry can go from so serious and heartfelt and jump right to hilarious. Just like you and your conversation. I hope you didn't make my cutie cousin Pookie cry too much when you wrote this. Shame on you, but it's great. Love you much and keep blessing us with your words of wisdom, love and encouragement. Lil' twin, Lia

  • At 8:46 AM, Anonymous Marianne said…

    Thanks twin. You know I've always felt it a compliment to be told I favor such a pretty young lady. :) I don't know if Herbie cried, but I think he liked it. Thank you for your encouragement and I hope to see you in September. Miss you much! Tell Taneya I said hey and I really wish she would come as well.

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